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新发布的《混凝土结构设计规范》(GB 50010-2002,以下简称混凝土规范)中,对钢筋混凝土结构伸缩缝最大间距的要求比原规范严格了,规范用词由“可”改为“宜”。这就要求在结构设计中,设计者必须认真对待由于超长给结构带来的不利影响,当增大结构伸缩缝间距或者是不设置伸缩缝时,必须采取切实可行的措施,防止结构开裂。在适当增大伸缩缝最大间距的各项措施中,在结构施工阶段采取防裂措施是国内外通用的减小混凝土收缩不利影响的有效方法,我国常用的做法是设置施工后浇带。另外,当建筑物存在较大的高差,但是结构设计根据具体情况可不设置永久变形缝时,例如高层建筑主体和多层(或低层)裙房之间,也常常采用施工后浇带来解决施工阶段的差异沉降问题。这两种施工后浇带,前者可称之为收缩后浇带,后者称为沉降后浇带,本文就施工后浇带的设计与施工,结合工程的实践谈谈笔者的看法。
关键词 后浇带,开裂,伸缩缝,沉降

New releases in the "design of concrete structures" (GB 50010-2002. hereinafter referred concrete norms), the reinforced concrete structure of the largest joint spacing requirements than the strict norms, standardized wording from "may" to "desirable." This requires structural design, the designer must take it seriously as long structure to the adverse impact When the distance increases or structural joints is not set up joints, they must take practical Measures to prevent structural cracking. Increases in the appropriate spacing of the largest joint measures, Construction of the anti-crack stage to take measures at home and abroad is a common concrete shrinkage reducing the adverse effects of the effective methods My normal practice is the provision of construction after casting. In addition, when there is a big building height difference, but the structural design in accordance with the specific circumstances may function as a permanent, For example, high-level and multi-storey main building (or lower) between skirt, Construction is often used after pouring bring resolve differences in the construction phase of the settlement problem. Construction of the two after pouring belt, the former may be called contraction casting, which called the settlement belt, Construction on the paper after casting the design and construction of engineering practice talk about my views.